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Serious Sam DoubleD

This review was written by me for Bit-tech/customPc magazine. Enjoy.

How to describe Serious Sam: Double D? Irreverent? Gory? Childish? There’s one adverb that could never be attached to SS:DD, and that’s ‘boring.’ One of several indie titles that Croteam has allowed to use the Serious Sam universe, Mommy’s Best Games’ Serious Sam Double D is a 2D side-scroller with a serious attitude problem and a very strong tolerance for gore.

Double D slots into the continuity of the series quite well, however. Sam has defeated Mental and is travelling through time removing any stray minions he left behind when he first passed through on his killing spree. However, when he gets to Ancient Egypt, he finds out that everything is not as it seems; now he must fight his way through time to uncover the truth. Insert cliché here!

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Before I start this review, I must offer a caution: VVVVVV (or rather V, as apparently the other 5 V’s are silent) is a flash game and stores the game save files with the Temps files from your Internet browser. And this means that if you clear your cashe, you unwillingly are deleting your saves, as I found out. Now, onto the review.

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And Yet It Moves Review

And Yet It Moves (or AYIM) is the brain child of the indie developer Broken Rules. Released on the PC but since ported over to the Wii, AYIM is a puzzle platformer with a very unique feature: You can rotate the world around the character.

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