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What To Do Next?

Because I am very lazy and almost chronically indecisive (just ask my girlfriend), I am offering YOU the chance to have your say about what I review next. Please try and contain your excitement.

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A New Beginning

I guess some kind of introduction is in order. My name is Iain and I am currently very bored. So, partly to give me something to do, but mainly as am excuse to play a lot of games, I have decided to try my hand at games reviewing.

Due to current lack of funds, I probably won’t be reviewing any big releases any time soon (except maybe Deus Ex Human Revolution; the preorder-ing is one of the reasons why I am broke)

I’ll start with a review of the original Humble Bundle 3 (before they went mental and started adding a ton of free stuff) and I’ll slowly work my way through the added content but other reviews will be dependent of finding cheap or free games or demos to play.

Feel free to email me with any constructive feedback, whether it is about the quality of the writing or the layout of the site. And I hope this will be the start of a long and lasting “friendship”