Cogs Review

Cogs is not the sort of game that I play out of choice. In fact, I tend to actively avoid puzzle solving games to the point of not using the hacking minigame in Bioshock 2. But there was something about Cogs that kept drawing me back to play it again and again. And that is a very rare trait for a game, especially a puzzle game.

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Crayon Physics Review

Crayon Physics Deluxe is probably more well know as a smartphone game for a wide range of handsets. It was originally released way back in January 2009 for the PC, and very little has changed between platforms. The aim of this rather cute game it to move a ball across the map collecting stars as you go. This deceptively simple goal is made more appealing with the use of a rather smooth and well polished physics engine that turns whatever is drawn by the mouse into a physical object within the game.

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And Yet It Moves Review

And Yet It Moves (or AYIM) is the brain child of the indie developer Broken Rules. Released on the PC but since ported over to the Wii, AYIM is a puzzle platformer with a very unique feature: You can rotate the world around the character.

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A New Beginning

I guess some kind of introduction is in order. My name is Iain and I am currently very bored. So, partly to give me something to do, but mainly as am excuse to play a lot of games, I have decided to try my hand at games reviewing.

Due to current lack of funds, I probably won’t be reviewing any big releases any time soon (except maybe Deus Ex Human Revolution; the preorder-ing is one of the reasons why I am broke)

I’ll start with a review of the original Humble Bundle 3 (before they went mental and started adding a ton of free stuff) and I’ll slowly work my way through the added content but other reviews will be dependent of finding cheap or free games or demos to play.

Feel free to email me with any constructive feedback, whether it is about the quality of the writing or the layout of the site. And I hope this will be the start of a long and lasting “friendship”